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Recreation and Education Centre

Modra - Harmonia

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Children and youth ministry including summer camps has been an established and fruitful tradition in Christian Assemblies in Slovakia. Of course, under Communist rule it was done illegally and with much improvisation. Since 1989 there is freedom to work openly but improvisation remained a rule rather than an exception. Until now the assemblies lacked their own house for recreation and education purposes. However, now the dream is coming true.

By the end of 2003 we had the opportunity to buy a suitable object, a former recreation house owned by a bankrupt state-owned company in Modra-Harmonia (West Slovakia). Through sacrificial giving of saints in Slovakia we could raise the amount of 1.8 million SKK (approx. 45 thousand EUR), i.e. one half of the price – that enabled us to take part in the auction.

The successful auction put us in front of another impassable obstacle – for us but not for God. We needed another 2.2 million (approx. 55 thousand EUR) to complete the transaction. Our God put it on the heart of many supporters who could donate small sums and the amount was on our bank account just one day before the due date. God is great!

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Much time was spend preparing projects and obtaining the work permit; that is typical with Slovak authorities. Nevertheless, all necessary documents are now in our hands and after a long and cold winter we could put our hands to work.

The finished building should serve as a Christian Recreation and Education Centre with the capacity to up to 70 participants. It will take a huge amount of work and money, far beyond our possibilities. We trust in a powerful and good Lord and invite others to join hand with us in this effort. We would gladly talk to you about specific needs and ways of supporting this project.

Even with the end of reconstruction far away, the house is already showing its potential for summer camps and weekend retreats. Several times more than 100 people met together and enjoyed a blessed time in fellowship. We especially appreciate the possibility to invite our non-Christian friends for whom it may be the first contact with Christians – and a positive one. We would love to welcome you, too.

See the reports of the progress of the work and photos in the section "brigade work".

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