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Okružná 3190
900 01 Modra

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Reconstruction project

Modra - Harmonia

The condition of the house requires a thorough reconstruction before it is put into service. Thousands of hours of voluntary work were spent already there. Some walls were pulled down, old tiles and pipelines removed etc. The basement rooms were extended to serve as a future youth club.

Currently the priority is the insulation against ground water and reinforcing the foundations. New electricity, gas and water supply is being arranged. This work should be completed by the end of summer vacations. It shall be followed by building the third floor and a new roof.

Here you can see the architect's conception of the new building. It is not the final version but it is good enough to give you some impression of the building.

1st floor
ground-plan of the 1st floor

2nd floor
ground-plan of the 2nd floor

south view
south view

east view
east view

north view
north view

west view
west view


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