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Okružná 3190
900 01 Modra

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Updated: January 12, 2013



When the Christian message reached Europe in AD 52, the town of Berea (today Veria) was the third stop on the continent... Cont. >


Since spring, many volunteers came and worked at the building site of Berea. Visit our Picture Gallery.

9th missionary conference in Modra-Harmonia with guests from Germany, the Netherlands and Serbia is over.

The 2nd Brethren in Europe conference met in Slovakia in July 2009. See the pictures and listen to the recordings.

The evangelist Allen Buchanek is visiting Slovakia.

What's new around here:
: 5.12. updated reports and pictures of building work
: 29.6.2010 visit of NASA Astronaut James P. Dutton
: 7.9.2009 2nd Brethren in Europe conference - added pictures and recordings