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Christian Centre BEREA
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Christian Centre BEREA

The association CC BEREA serves since 2003 in the area of Christian education and organising children and youth camps within the framework of Christian assemblies (Brethren). It also helps in the area of evangelism with activities that could not be done by individual local churches on their own.

1. Goals of the association

The goal of the association is especially Christian education and training leading to a deeper knowledge of the Bible, propagation and applying Christian principles and values in daily life.

2. Activities of the association

CC BEREA reaches its goals in various areas by various means:

In the area of education and training: preparation of training materials and programmes based on the Bible, organising training courses and seminars in Christian context, training and educating children and young people with the aim of protection, development and meeting physical, personal and spiritual needs of young people, organising spare time activities, sport events, camps, concerts etc. for children and young people, preventing negative social phenomena, offering spiritual counselling.

In the area of publishing and information: editing materials for biblical education, publishing advertising and information materials related to the activities of the association, gathering and distributing information, research in the area of various Christian activities, information database.

In the area of promoting and supporting Christian mission: advertising and spreading information about running and future missionary projects, preparing candidates for missions by offering education in various areas, supporting missionary activities by fundraising and human resources.

There is more about the goals and activities of the association in its bylaws (in Slovak language).