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Reconstruction work

Update July 25, 2006

Our Dear Friends, Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The Berea Christian Center is under occupation from an army of volunteers that has descended upon the center from all parts of Slovakia and beyond. Young and old, side by side, they work just like in the book of Nehemiah! They are coming by the dozens from all over Slovakia to help with the reconstruction.

If you were to come here today, you would get to meet about 30 teens and adults enjoying a week-long Bible camp where teaching and tough physical work is combined with great joy. The vision of this Center being reconstructed and finished one day unites every heart that steps on the grounds of this property. This is the future home of a Conference and Retreat Christian Center as well as Bible School. Here, new missionaries for ministry, at home and abroad, will be prepared.

What has been done by now?

Thousands of volunteer work hours have already been invested in this project. Several large commercial containers of rocks and concrete have been removed from the basement. All work has been done by hand, using power hammers, shovels and buckets to carry it all out from the basement. This work is needed for expansion to get one more large room for Bible classes, fellowship or games. To access this room from the entrance hall, instead of from the kitchen as it is now, we are also doing more rock breaking work. In the basement, a storage place for meat and fruit will also be located in two separate rooms according to the Slovak regulations.

New foundations have also been dug out and finished for the expansion of the main entrance hall. In August, we want to do some important reinforcements for the foundation. We were advised to do so since the building will have to carry the weight of the newly added floor.

After this, in October, we hope to be ready to remove the old roof itself and build both the third floor and the new roof. This is our plan for the year. We want the building to be finished this year as far as the outside and rough work is concerned. We want to be able to continue working inside during the Winter.

We are tremendously encouraged by the many volunteers and groups of Christians coming to help both from abroad and Slovakia. Several German and American volunteers have helped greatly. We are earnestly praying for the needed funds to be able to reach our goal for this year and to see the new floor and the new roof built in the Fall.

If there is a way that you can join us in this very important and continuing missionary endeavor in Slovakia, we would be very grateful. The removal of the old roof, adding a new floor and building a new roof has to be done in a very brief period of time as we do not want to allow the rain or snow in the building. That's why we need to have all the necessary funds on hand before we begin this major phase of reconstruction.

This next phase of reconstruction requires us to have about 75.000 € on the account. At the moment, we have 31.000 €. Our Slovak people continue to do their utmost both physically and financially. We are encouraged to see their zeal for reaching this goal of having the building finished next year. How much we desire to see this dream come true in 2007!

Watching so many young people carrying buckets filled with rocks, collecting old bricks and knocking the mortar off, or digging for long hours in the basement, fills our hearts with joy to see their eagerness and comittment to the Lord and this ministry. Slovakia has waited for a Center like this for 16 years (since the fall of communism). We believe that this dream of a finished and completely refurbished facility will be a reality soon.

Thank you again, beloved Brothers and Sisters, for having helped us in the past. We deeply appreciate your prayers and encouragement, and thank you in advance for whatever that the Lord has placed on your heart regarding the project of the Berea Christian Center in Slovakia.

The Lord willing, we hope that you all will be able to come and be with us to experience the blessing of this Christian Center in the future. Phil. 4:17-19

In Christ, our Blessed Lord and King,

Bros. Lubomir Vyhnanek and Jozef Abrman
(On behalf of the Christian Center Berea
and the assemblies of God's people in Slovakia)

PS: Should the Lord put on your heart to help us with the reconstruction financially, please use the information below to send your donations.

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